The Masimo-A-Badimo Foundation is a non-profit organization, established with the intention of identifying potential in and giving opportunities to youth from previously dis-enfranchised communities.

The Grace Project

The Grace Project, which launched in 2018 at Sea Point High School, works with high
school girls in Cape Town – offering them a syllabus of school-based, extra-curricular
developmental activities that complement the national academic curriculum.
By teaming up with high schools, the Masimo-A-Badimo Foundation can identify and
reach out to the girls who best benefit from all that The Grace Project has to offer. We
encourage the girls to enrol in The Grace Project when they begin their secondary
education in Grade 8 and continue until their matriculation in Grade 12.

The Grace Project runs from Grade 8 through to Grade 12

includes the following syllabus


Grade 8 - Expression: Movement. Grade 9 - Expression: Voice. Grade 10 - Self - empowerment workshops. Grade 11 - Career-coaching and preparation. Grade 12 - Tertiary preparation. Our intention is to introduce the full Grade 8-12 The Grace Project syllabus to each new school as funding is made available.